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Licensed Master Social Worker

The human experience can be filled with joy but also suffering, this chapter of your life is causing turmoil but you are resilient. Bouts of depression, negative self-talk, daily anxieties and struggling with low self-esteem no longer serve you, allow yourself to work alongside a trained professional to guide you through the process of healing. Therapy can help you increase confidence, empower you to create boundaries and aid in your conscious understanding of the interconnectedness of your mind, body and spirit. I believe the collaboration between a therapist and client is a sacred space that will guide you through the self-understanding necessary to adopt lifelong skills and to work towards becoming your authentic self.

Professional Experience

Whether you are struggling with life transitions, relationships, loss, or your general emotional state, my goal is to provide you a holistic, inclusive space to heal from these behaviors and patterns. Every person deserves a safe space to process and discuss the complex emotions that come with daily life. Allow me to provide comfort, empowerment, accountability and Evidence Based Practices to support you in exploring your personal growth. I’m happy to provide 30 minute consultations of no charge.

I work with adults, couples and groups. Specializing in issues concerning complex trauma, communication, anxiety, depression, couples in crisis, women’s issues, gender identity, intimacy, as well as intergenerational and systemic trauma. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and various other coping mechanisms, all while utilizing a trauma-informed, and strength-based lens.

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